Iontophoresis and Hands Sweating


The iontophoresis device Electro Antiperspirant can eliminate excessive sweating of the hands very quickly, with the effects lasting for several weeks or months.

This was accomplished through a long development and testing which brought the technology of iontophoresis to perfection. The actual use of Electro Antiperspirant is very simple – just read the instructions, ready the device for therapy, and let iontophoresis work on you. Basically, all you\'ll need for the therapy is Electro Antiperspirant with accessories (everything is included in the package), AA batteries (or rechargeable), and plain water.

Put your hands in containers with water, switch on Electro Antiperspirant, and iontophoresis can begin to work on you. After the time, which is described in the instructions for use, Electro Antiperspirant slowly turn off and you will repeat the same procedure with the second polarity.

The device is then used for several days, during which iontophoresis can completely stop sweating of the hands. This condition can then last for several months. After this time, your hands will slowly start to sweat again from the fingertips down the hand. Once this happens, all you have to do is use Electro Antiperspirant once or twice to stop the sweating again for another long weeks.