Iontophoresis and Feet Sweating


Sweaty feet can be a problem, especially if your sweat is so-called aggressive which produces a very unpleasant odour.

Electro Antiperspirant was developed to remove even the strongest sweating of the feet. Electro Antiperspirant you can not only relieve you of sweat and the smell in just one week, but can also solve the problem with cold feet. In excessive sweating, there is rapid cooling of the foot due to the constant moisture of the skin, and that is something iontophoresis can help with too. Our advice is simple – get rid of sweating and cold feet will magically disappear.

Every can achieve this with proper use of Electro Antiperspirant. Just ready the device and its accessories (everything included) for the therapy, insert your feet in water containers, and start the therapy (in case of sweaty feet, you can use more power than when treating the palms. But it is not necessary, Electro Antiperspirant always works.) After the time, which is described in the instructions for use, Electro Antiperspirant slowly turn off and you will repeat the same procedure with the second polarity.

The device is then used for several days, during which iontophoresis can completely stop sweating of the feet. This condition can then last for several months. After this time, your feet will slowly start to sweat again. Once this happens, all you have to do is use Electro Antiperspirant once or twice to stop the sweating again for another long weeks.